What adventure sports need an experienced instructor’s guidance?

It would be inaccurate to say that adventure holidays are popular among only youngsters, Families (including middle-aged members) have traditionally indulged in adventure holidays that include some of the most adrenaline-inducing sports and team games.

Since outdoor adventure activities involve high-risk sports for newbies, each of them is equipped with a trainee with outdoor pursuits instructor courseThese trainees are highly passionate about outdoor adventure sports and are always eager to learn. Besides, the hosts keep a check on the safety of the participants.

Here are the top adventure sports that need skills and, of course, constant guidance of a trained instructor.


Canoeing is often mistaken with river rafting, but there are many distinct differences between the two. To begin with, canoeing is done in a long and narrow boat. The participants can choose either still water or high current streams.

River rafting

River rafting is a more adrenaline-inducing adventure sport and is best done in downstream rivers. It is a team activity right from scratch and encourages team bonding. The activity starts from the very beginning when the participants need to build a vessel themselves with wooden planks and barrels.

Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing might look very difficult but is fun to indulge in. Moreover, there are professional instructors and safety gear, like ropes, and harnesses, for the participants. Though climbing an actual mountain is the ultimate goal, doing it on the artificial setup is not bad at all.

Outdoor adventure activities and weekend getaways are best in places that are known for their undulating landscape, much like North Wales, where the terrain awaits to be explored. However, such outdoor activities might be dangerous for first-timers and should be performed under the guidance of trained professionals. It allows trainees with outdoor pursuits instructor course to pursue these activities in greater safety. Rest assured, your adventure holiday will always be worth the efforts you put in.